Who am I? Well first off, I’m not a famous baseball player. But here are some things that I am: (last updated on 4.28.16)

  • Entrepreneur. Starting new businesses is very exciting to me, and I tend to do it often. Not huge Fortune 500 companies or anything, just random ideas I have that I turn into something cool and share with the world. Most of these ventures stay small so I can manage them, but a couple of them are legit legal businesses and at some point I may hire real employees.
  • Web designer. I build websites for individuals and small businesses all over the world, primarily e-commerce sites so my clients can sell their products/services. I try to just focus on clients in the custom automotive world, entrepreneurs, artists, and clothing companies. If you don’t fit that criteria, I take on new work on a case by case basis. I also consider myself an expert at CSS. You can learn more here.
  • Podcaster. Trust me, hearing my recorded voice out loud used to make me cringe. I was terrified to play it back, let alone share it with the world. But back in the summer of 2015, I said screw it and started my own podcast. It’s now been downloaded thousands of times in over 75 countries and I try to put out 4-6 episodes per month. I talk about life and business as well as post my conversations with entrepreneurs and others who have escaped the 9-5 grind. You can listen on the website here or subscribe on iTunes here.

I spend most of my time building websites, recording/editing podcasts, and the third area that I spend a lot of my energy on are my clothing lines. At the time of writing this, I have eight different brands. One is a decent size and has a great following, two others are a good size, and the rest are smaller. You can check out all the merch I sell here.

I’m also working on an online course that will teach others how to build their own e-commerce website with no web design experience or software. Me personally, I only have so much time and can only build so many websites. If I teach others my process, I can scale my knowledge and expertise to hundreds or thousands of people from any location. Check it out here.

Other interests include: travel, minimalism, gym, NSNG, reading books, tacos, tattoos, music, family, friends, custom trucks, hot rods, photography, 80’s music, cats, thriller movies, poker, standup comedy, road trips, flying, and palm trees.

Way back in the day, when Myspace was relevant, I used to always fill out those questionnaires that revealed bizarre things about yourself. So here are 15 random facts that you might not know about me:

  1. Some of my nicknames are Ran, Big Ran, R, and Ran Plan. My real name is Randy, and it has never been Randall or Randolph. I’ve also been called Randino and Randelicious. Haha
  2. My birthday is 8.2.82, so that’s why my web design business is called Eight Deuce. I’ve realized that the word “deuce” is commonly misspelled, so sometimes I wish I would have called it something different. One time, some lady over the phone thought I said “8 Dudes.”
  3. I could eat Mexican food every single day, mainly tacos. Chipotle gets a lot of my business. One of my favorite taco joints is called Bakersfield. There are a couple in Ohio as well as a few other locations. Those pastor tacos are too damn good, the guac and queso is amazing, and those margaritas are on point!
  4. I have plenty of tattoos and would love to be covered someday (minus my face and neck). I’m indifferent about getting my hands tattooed.
  5. The first website I ever built was called Silkk’s House (as in the rapper Silkk The Shocker). It was one of those free Anglefire sites where I just threw up random things, animated GIFs, and whatever else was cool at the time (think the dancing baby with Bill Clinton’s head). The best part was I built it using a WebTV. If you don’t know what that is, I’m clearly old. It was basically a device that you would plug into your TV (we had a 19″ RCA TV with a built-in VCR) and then you would plug in your dial-up internet phone line into it. It only came with a keyboard and maybe a remote, but no mouse. Ah the good old days.
  6. I avoid mayo and sour cream at all cost. Disgusting!
  7. I have twin sisters.
  8. Just like reading books and listening to podcasts, sunrises and sunsets are just as inspiring to me. I’d like to get to the point where I consider myself a traveling sunrise/sunset photographer. Even if it’s just for fun, I’d love it.
  9. My parents probably know more about me than anyone. I speak to both of them almost daily. Maybe I’m such a random person because both of them are almost complete opposites.
  10. Growing a beard was never something I cared to do. I would shave all of my facial hair off 1-4 times per month for so many years. Then I went 3 months without shaving in early 2015. Then I shaved it all off again and felt like a 12-year old. As I write this, it’s been growing for ten months. It’s been trimmed a few times, but it’s pretty significant. It’s still weird when people comment on it in public. Who knows how long I’ll keep it, I enjoy mixing things up.
  11. The most money I’ve ever lost playing poker was $1,000, and it happened in less than seven minutes. It was back in the online poker days before it became illegal here in the US. I’ve learned a lot about poker and money since then. Just like every other poker player, I enjoy No Limit Texas Hold’em, but my favorite type of poker is Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), but it can definitely be a roller coaster of a game. Omaha Hi/Lo is also fun.
  12. Speaking of roller coasters, spending an entire day at an amusement park is one of my favorite things to do. My first legit roller coaster experience was on my 16th birthday. I was terrified to ride them before then, and was actually embarrassed when I would hear kids younger than me on the school bus talking about how they ride them. I sucked it up and gave it a shot. I was hooked right away.
  13. Back in 6th grade, I won the school spelling bee. At that time (circa 1994), I was the only guy that had ever won it. I went on to the district competition where I placed 5th. I still remember the hardcore studying I used to do with my mom every night to prepare for both events. To this day, I’m a crazy proofreader and always call out people that spell words wrong, use incorrect punctuation, or improper grammar. Which is extremely common these days with everybody texting and always in such a rush. Of course I fail at times myself, and my biggest grammar fault is using “seen” instead of “saw.”
  14. Watching TV is something that I rarely do these days, but I still enjoy movies often. I’m probably one of the only people that can watch the same handful of movies over and over again (besides a child). It even gets to the point where I’ve seen a movie hundreds of times (literally) and I’ll turn the captions on so I know exactly what they are saying. I’ll open up the IMDB app and research all the actors, the quotes, the trivia, the goofs, etc. I look into movies way more than most people. It would be impossible to pick my favorite or even a top ten, but here are some of them: The Social Network, Changing Lanes, The Town, Boiler Room, Oceans 11, Office Space, American Beauty, Gone Girl, Contagion, The Big Short, Shawshank Redemption, A Perfect Murder, The Next 3 Days, Pacific Heights.
  15. Being location-independent is something I love. I really don’t have to be tied down to any specific geographic location to do the work I do. Once I realized that I could do this many years ago, I never wanted to give that up. For most of the work I do, I just need a computer and an internet connection. And I will turn almost any type of work down that would require me to be in a fixed location. Being able to get up and go wherever is an extreme sense of freedom. In the not so far future, I’ll be debt-free and be able to really travel everywhere that I want to go.

There ya have it. I hope that gives you a glimpse into my life and you know a little more about the person behind this site. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to shoot the shit, you can contact me here. Thanks for stopping by!