Be Insane Until It Becomes Your Normal

Be Insane Until It Becomes Your Normal

Have you ever booked a random flight that leaves 8 hours from now?

How about eating Chipotle eight times in one week?

What about staying up til 8am because you couldn’t stop working on a new project?

Or running a 5K race in -20 degree weather?

These are just a few past experiences that popped into my head while writing this. I read through those things and nothing stands out as ridiculous or crazy. But that’s just me.

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What Are You Willing to Endure?

(Hit the play button to listen to the audio version, or read the text version below.)

Are you willing to work until 4am often?

Are you willing to lose friendships and ruin relationships?

Are you willing to sleep in your car in Walmart parking lots and rest areas on the side of highways?

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Being Nervous Sucks, But It Means Great Things Are Happening

All through school, I was always the shy kid. I think a little had to do with switching schools at a crucial age. I had lived with both of my parents until I was 10, then just my mom until I was 12, then I moved in with my dad and started 7th grade at a new school. I knew nobody and that’s the time in life when people start forming cliques and ignoring the new kids.

I had a few friends here and there, but all the way until college, I wasn’t really known, I was almost a loner, I didn’t go to parties or hang out with the cool kids, or get into trouble, or anything. I played it safe, I didn’t stand out, I was shy, and I mostly just kept to myself.

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