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Instagram Logs You Out of Your Business Accounts

Many of you know I have several Instagram accounts. I’m actually up to 18 at this point. Yes, I’m hardcore.

Not too long ago, Instagram added the feature that we’ve all been hoping for, which allows you to be logged into multiple accounts.

Obviously I was filled with joy when I noticed this. Most people have a personal account and a business account, so this was a huge time saver for all of us.

There is a maximum number of accounts that you can be logged into at any given time, and that amount is five. Which, again, is not an issue to 99% of IG users. I doubt there are many others like me that have a big network of accounts. Haha

But this wasn’t a huge issue. I’d keep my four most used accounts logged in, and I’d use the fifth spot to log in and out of my other accounts. All was well.


I recently noticed a bug (it can’t be a feature). It’s not a huge dilemma, but it’s certainly annoying.

When you are logged into your personal account, everything is fine. You can minimize or close the app, reopen it, and it will still keep you logged in. Even if you reset the phone, everything is good when you open it back up.

The problem comes when you are logged into a business page/account.

If you are in one of your business pages, and you minimize the app (or close the app out), then reopen the app, you are now logged out. Wait what?

Not the end of the world, you just log back in. It’s super annoying though.

Worse yet, if you are logged into five of your accounts, have a biz account up, switch apps for a second, then go back, boom… all five accounts are logged out. Fuck!

The solution

There isn’t one. We just wait until Instagram has enough people complain to them about it, or they notice it and become annoyed with it, and they eventually fix it and release an update.

Until then, just make sure you switch back to your personal account before exiting the app, no matter what. It adds time to my workflow, but at least I’m aware of it now and know this simple workaround.

How about you?

Does this annoy you as well? How many Instagram accounts do you have? What’s your process for keeping up with social media updates where you manage multiple accounts? I’d love to hear about your social media stories in the comments. And don’t forget to follow my main account here: @bigran82. Cheers!

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