House Maintenance Sucks

Almost 3 years ago, I was so stoked to have my own house. Little did I know, I dislike house work.

What it really comes down to is, I’d rather spend all of my time doing things that matter to me, things that are progressing my online businesses, or spending time with family & friends. True, I had reasons to want this big house/yard, but my life/views have since changed. Some of the things I hate doing, which are a necessity for a responsible homeowner, are:

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Smoking Is Disgusting

I’m not explaining anything new here, I just can’t get over people smoking. There really is no excuse.

Sure, we all know it’s addicting. And I’m sure it’s extremely hard to quit, but it’s 2012. There are tons of products out there to help you, if you really care to stop.

The other most common excuse is, “Well, I only smoke when I drink.” And we all know you only hear that from people who drink frequently. So when you tell me you only smoke when you drink, all I hear is, “Hey, I’m a smoker!”

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Desk Jobs Are Not For Me

I’ve had several “normal” jobs over the past 15+ years that I’ve been labeled as an employee. But working for myself these past six months has taught me a lot of things. One of them is, I don’t think I could ever go back to a “regular” 9-5 desk job!

It is a little scary at times, not knowing if I’ll have money to pay my bills. But that’s what keeps me motivated. It’s all on me now. Before I thought I wanted to stay on the “safe path”, but really, anyone can be let go from any job, for any reason, at any time. I don’t see that as the safer choice, I just see it as a way to coast through life feeling bored, guilty, and/or depressed.

I’m not saying every job is horrible, and you’re gonna be miserable no matter what unless you work for yourself. Actually, it could be the complete opposite for you. But this is how I see it and this has been my experience.

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Randy Johnson Here, Not The Baseball Player

I’m sure the first thing you thought of when you seen this domain name was, “Oh cool, I found that baseball player’s personal website!” Sorry, you are wrong.

That Randy Johnson is much taller, is left-handed, makes more money than I do, and is a far better pitcher than I am. In fact, I’m not into sports that much. However, I do have an extensive Randy Johnson baseball card collection.

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